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Illinois Compiled Statutes

Information maintained by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Updating the database of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) is an ongoing process. Recent laws may not yet be included in the ILCS database, but they are found on this site as Public Acts soon after they become law. For information concerning the relationship between statutes and Public Acts, refer to the Guide.

Because the statute database is maintained primarily for legislative drafting purposes, statutory changes are sometimes included in the statute database before they take effect. If the source note at the end of a Section of the statutes includes a Public Act that has not yet taken effect, the version of the law that is currently in effect may have already been removed from the database and you should refer to that Public Act to see the changes made to the current law.

(815 ILCS 415/) Transportation Ticket Fraud Act.

815 ILCS 415/0.01

    (815 ILCS 415/0.01) (from Ch. 114, par. 104.9)
    Sec. 0.01. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Transportation Ticket Fraud Act.
(Source: P.A. 86-1324.)

815 ILCS 415/1

    (815 ILCS 415/1) (from Ch. 114, par. 105)
    Sec. 1. That it shall be the duty of owner or owners of any railroad or steamboat for the transportation of passengers, to provide each agent, who may be authorized to sell tickets, or other certificates entitling the holder to travel upon any railroad or steamboat, with a certificate setting forth the authority of such agent to make such sales; which certificate shall be duly attested by the corporate seal of the owner of such railroad or steamboat.
(Source: Laws 1875, p. 81.)

815 ILCS 415/2

    (815 ILCS 415/2) (from Ch. 114, par. 106)
    Sec. 2. That it shall not be lawful for any person not possessed of such authority, so evidenced, to sell, barter, or transfer, for any consideration whatever, the whole or any part of any ticket or tickets, passes, or other evidences of the holder's title to travel on any railroad or steamboat, whether the same be situated, operated or owned within or without the limits of this state.
(Source: Laws 1875, p. 81.)

815 ILCS 415/3

    (815 ILCS 415/3) (from Ch. 114, par. 107)
    Sec. 3.
    That any person or persons violating the provisions of the second section of this act shall be deemed guilty of Class A misdemeanor.
(Source: P.A. 77-2203.)

815 ILCS 415/4

    (815 ILCS 415/4) (from Ch. 114, par. 108)
    Sec. 4. That it shall be the duty of every agent who shall be authorized to sell tickets, or parts of tickets, or other evidences of the holder's title to travel, to exhibit to any person desiring to purchase a ticket, or to any officer of the law who may request him, the certificate of his authority thus to sell, and to keep said certificate posted in a conspicuous place in his office for the information of travelers.
(Source: Laws 1875, p. 81.)

815 ILCS 415/5

    (815 ILCS 415/5) (from Ch. 114, par. 109)
    Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of the owner or owners of railroad or steamboat, by their agents or managers, to provide for the redemption of the whole, or any parts or coupons of any ticket or tickets, as they may have sold, as the purchaser, for any reason, has not used, and does not desire to use, at a rate which shall be equal to the difference between the price paid for the whole ticket and the cost of a ticket between the points for which the proportion of said ticket was actually used; and the sale by any person of the unused portion of any ticket otherwise than by the presentation of the same for redemption, as provided for in this section, shall be deemed to be a violation of the provisions of this act, and shall be punished as is hereinbefore provided: Provided, that this act shall not prohibit any person who has purchased a ticket from any agent authorized by this act, with the bona fide intention of traveling upon the same, from selling any part of the same to any other person.
(Source: Laws 1875, p. 81.)

815 ILCS 415/6

    (815 ILCS 415/6) (from Ch. 114, par. 110)
    Sec. 6.
    Any railroad or steamboat company that shall, by any of its agents in this state, refuse to redeem any of its tickets or parts of tickets as prescribed in section five of this act, shall be guilty of a petty offense for each offense, to the People of the State of Illinois, and it shall be unlawful for said company, subsequent to such refusal, to sell any ticket or tickets in this state until such fine is paid.
(Source: P.A. 77-2203.)