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Chapter 1 - Title And Definitions
Chapter 2 - The Secretary Of State
Chapter 3 - Certificates Of Title And Registration Of Vehicles
Article I - Certificates of Title
Article II - Security Interests
Article III - Certificate of Title-Rebuilt Vehicles
Article IV - Original and Renewal of Registration
Article V - Transfer of Registration
Article VI - Special Plates and Special License Plate Stickers
Article VII - Offenses Against Registration And Certificate Of Title Laws Or Revocation Of Registration Or Certificate Of Title
Article VIII - Registration and License Fees
Article IX - Remittance Agents
Article X - Vehicle Use Tax
Article XI - Replacement Vehicle Tax
Chapter 4 - Anti-Theft Laws and Abandoned Vehicles
Article I - Anti-Theft Laws
Article II - Abandoned, Lost, Stolen Or Unclaimed Vehicles
Article III - Vehicle Recycling Board
Chapter 5 - Dealers, Transporters, Wreckers And Rebuilders
Article I - Dealers
Article II - Transporters
Article III - Used Part Dealers, Scrap Processors, Automotive Parts Recyclers and Rebuilders
Article IV - Records Required To Be Kept
Article V - Licenses--Injunctions
Article VI - Credit Or Conditional Sales--Insurance
Article VII - Vehicle Auctioneers
Article VIII - Penalties
Chapter 6 - The Illinois Driver Licensing Law
Article I - Issuance Of Licenses; Expiration And Renewal
Article II - Cancellation, Suspension, Or Revocation Of Licenses And Permits
Article III - Violation Of License Provisions
Article IV - Commercial Driver Training Schools
Article V - Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators
Article VI - Penalties
Article VII - Driver License Compact
Article VIII - Nonresident Violator Compact
Article IX - Driver's License Medical Review Law Of 1992
Article X - Enhanced Skills Driving Schools
Chapter 7 - Illinois Safety And Family Financial Responsibility Law
Article I - Administration
Article II - Security Following Accident
Article III - Proof Of Financial Responsibility For The Future
Article IV - Violations Of Provisions Of Financial Responsibility Act
Article V - Miscellaneous Provisions Relating To Financial Responsibility
Article VI - Mandatory Insurance
Article VII - Family Financial Responsibility Law
Chapter 8 - Motor Vehicles Used For Transportation Of Passengers
Chapter 9 - Owners Of For Rent Vehicles For-Hire
Chapter 10 - Civil Liability
Article I - Liability Of Counties, Municipalities And Other Public Corporations
Article II - Liability To Guests
Article III - Process On Non-Resident
Chapter 11 - Rules Of The Road
Article I - Special Definitions
Article II - Obedience To And Effect Of Traffic Laws
Article III - Traffic Signs, Signals, And Markings
Article IV - Accidents
Article V - Driving While Under The Influence, Transporting Alcoholic Liquor, And Reckless Driving
Article VI - Speed Restrictions
Article VII - Driving On Right Side Of Roadway; Overtaking And Passing, Etc
Article VIII - Turning And Starting And Signals On Stopping And Turning
Article IX - Right-Of-Way
Article X - Pedestrians' Rights And Duties
Article XI - Street Cars And Safety Zones
Article XII - Special Stops Required
Article XIII - Stopping, Standing, And Parking
Article XIV - Miscellaneous Laws
Article XV - Bicycles
Chapter 12 - Equipment Of Vehicles
Article I - General Provisions
Article II - Lights And Lamps
Article III - Brakes
Article IV - Tires
Article V - Glass, Windshields And Mirrors
Article VI - Miscellaneous Requirements
Article VII - Special Requirements For Vehicles Of The Second Division
Article VIII - Special Requirements For School Buses
Article IX - Special Requirements For Religious Organization Buses
Chapter 13 - Inspection Of Vehicles
Chapter 13A - Emission Inspection (Repealed By P.A. 92-682, Eff. 1-1-03.)
Chapter 13B - Emission Inspection (Repealed)
Chapter 13C - Emission Inspection
Chapter 15 - Size, Weight, Load And Permits
Article I - Size, Weight And Load
Article II - Vehicles Exceeding Weight Limits
Article III - Permits
Chapter 16 - Enforcement, Penalties And Disposition Of Fines And Forfeitures, And Criminal Cases
Article I - Enforcement, Penalties And Disposition Of Fines And Forfeitures
Article II - Parties In Criminal Cases
Chapter 17 - Illinois Highway Safety Law
Chapter 18a - Illinois Commercial Relocation Of Trespassing Vehicles Law
Article I - Definitions, Policy And Jurisdiction
Article II - Duties And Powers
Article III - Requirements And Prohibitions
Article IV - Licenses
Article V - Rates And Charges - Liens
Article VI - Fees
Article VII - Counties Covered
Chapter 18b - Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Article I - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Chapter 18c - Illinois Commercial Transportation Law
Sub-Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Article I - Short Title, Legislative Intent, State Transportation Policy, And Definitions
Article II - Jurisdiction And Power Of The Commission
Article III - Employee Boards
Article IV - Modification Of Standards And Procedures
Article V - Fees And Taxes
Article VI - Transportation Regulatory Fund
Article VII - Violations Of The Law
Article VIII - Service Of Notices, Orders And Process
Sub-Chapter 2 - Proceedings Before The Commission And The Courts
Article I - Administrative Proceedings Before The Commission
Article II - Judicial Review Proceedings
Article III - Administrative And Judicial Enforcement Proceedings
Article IV - Venue And Jurisdiction
Sub-Chapter 3 - Substantive Provisions Applicable To More Than One Transportation Mode
Article I - Licensing
Article II - Ratemaking
Article III - Other Provisions Common To All Transportation Modes
Sub-Chapter 4 - Motor Carriers Of Property
Article I - General Provisions Governing Motor Carriers Of Property
Article II - Licensing
Article III - Transfer Of Licenses
Article IV - Rate Filings And Registration Of Intrastate Public Carriers And Equipment And Registration Of Interstate Carriers And Equipment
Article V - Ratemaking
Article VI - Cab Cards And Identifiers
Article VII - Identification Of Carriers
Article VIII - Bills Of Lading
Article IX - Safety Regulations For Motor Carriers Of Property: Insurance
Sub-Chapter 5 - Special Provisions Applicable To Transportation Of Property Over Public Roads
Article I - Brokers
Article II - Resolution Of Household Goods Disputes
Article III - Non-Relocation Towing
Sub-Chapter 6 - Motor Carriers Of Passengers
Article I - General Provisions Governing Motor Carriers Of Passengers
Article II - Licensing
Article III - Addition, Change, Reduction, Or Discontinuance Of Scheduled Motor Bus Service
Article IV - Ratemaking
Article V - Safety Requirements For Motor Carriers Of Passengers
Sub-Chapter 7 - Rail Carriers
Article I - Jurisdiction Over Rail Carriers
Article II - Registration And Services Of Rail Carriers
Article III - Ratemaking
Article IV - Safety Requirements For Rail Carriers
Article V - Miscellaneous Provisions
Sub-Chapter 8 - Common Carriers By Pipeline
Article I - Jurisdiction And Power Over Common Carriers By Pipeline
Article II - Licensing And Ratemaking
Article III - Safety Regulation
Article IV - Miscellaneous Provisions
Sub-Chapter 9 - Miscellaneous Provisions Of Law
Article I - Remedies Cumulative
Article II - Grandfather Provisions
Chapter 18d - Illinois Commercial Safety Towing Law
Chapter 20 - Miscellaneous Provisions, Effect Of Act And Repeal Of Named Acts
Article I - Distribution Of Fees And Taxes
Article II - Effect Of Act
Article III - Repeal Of Named Acts
Article IV - Savings Clause And Effective Date