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625 ILCS 5/3-821

    (625 ILCS 5/3-821) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 3-821)
    Sec. 3-821. Miscellaneous registration and title fees.
    (a) Except as provided under subsection (h), the fee to be paid to the Secretary of State for the following certificates, registrations or evidences of proper registration, or for corrected or duplicate documents shall be in accordance with the following schedule:
    Certificate of Title, except for an all-terrain
vehicle or off-highway motorcycle$95
    Certificate of Title for an all-terrain vehicle
or off-highway motorcycle$30
    Certificate of Title for an all-terrain vehicle
or off-highway motorcycle used for production
agriculture, or accepted by a dealer in trade13
    Certificate of Title for a low-speed vehicle30
    Transfer of Registration or any evidence of
proper registration $25
    Duplicate Registration Card for plates or other
evidence of proper registration3
    Duplicate Registration Sticker or Stickers, each20
    Duplicate Certificate of Title95
    Corrected Registration Card or Card for other
evidence of proper registration3
    Corrected Certificate of Title95
    Salvage Certificate4
    Fleet Reciprocity Permit15
    Prorate Decal1
    Prorate Backing Plate3
    Special Corrected Certificate of Title15
    Expedited Title Service (to be charged in addition to other applicable fees)30
    Dealer Lien Release Certificate of Title20
    A special corrected certificate of title shall be issued (i) to remove a co-owner's name due to the death of the co-owner, to transfer title to a spouse if the decedent-spouse was the sole owner on the title, or due to a divorce; (ii) to change a co-owner's name due to a marriage; or (iii) due to a name change under Article XXI of the Code of Civil Procedure.
    There shall be no fee paid for a Junking Certificate.
    There shall be no fee paid for a certificate of title issued to a county when the vehicle is forfeited to the county under Article 36 of the Criminal Code of 2012.
    (a-5) The Secretary of State may revoke a certificate of title and registration card and issue a corrected certificate of title and registration card, at no fee to the vehicle owner or lienholder, if there is proof that the vehicle identification number is erroneously shown on the original certificate of title.
    (a-10) The Secretary of State may issue, in connection with the sale of a motor vehicle, a corrected title to a motor vehicle dealer upon application and submittal of a lien release letter from the lienholder listed in the files of the Secretary. In the case of a title issued by another state, the dealer must submit proof from the state that issued the last title. The corrected title, which shall be known as a dealer lien release certificate of title, shall be issued in the name of the vehicle owner without the named lienholder. If the motor vehicle is currently titled in a state other than Illinois, the applicant must submit either (i) a letter from the current lienholder releasing the lien and stating that the lienholder has possession of the title; or (ii) a letter from the current lienholder releasing the lien and a copy of the records of the department of motor vehicles for the state in which the vehicle is titled, showing that the vehicle is titled in the name of the applicant and that no liens are recorded other than the lien for which a release has been submitted. The fee for the dealer lien release certificate of title is $20.
    (b) The Secretary may prescribe the maximum service charge to be imposed upon an applicant for renewal of a registration by any person authorized by law to receive and remit or transmit to the Secretary such renewal application and fees therewith.
    (c) If payment is delivered to the Office of the Secretary of State as payment of any fee or tax under this Code, and such payment is not honored for any reason, the registrant or other person tendering the payment remains liable for the payment of such fee or tax. The Secretary of State may assess a service charge of $25 in addition to the fee or tax due and owing for all dishonored payments.
    If the total amount then due and owing exceeds the sum of $100 and has not been paid in full within 60 days from the date the dishonored payment was first delivered to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State shall assess a penalty of 25% of such amount remaining unpaid.
    All amounts payable under this Section shall be computed to the nearest dollar. Out of each fee collected for dishonored payments, $5 shall be deposited in the Secretary of State Special Services Fund.
    (d) The minimum fee and tax to be paid by any applicant for apportionment of a fleet of vehicles under this Code shall be $15 if the application was filed on or before the date specified by the Secretary together with fees and taxes due. If an application and the fees or taxes due are filed after the date specified by the Secretary, the Secretary may prescribe the payment of interest at the rate of 1/2 of 1% per month or fraction thereof after such due date and a minimum of $8.
    (e) Trucks, truck tractors, truck tractors with loads, and motor buses, any one of which having a combined total weight in excess of 12,000 lbs. shall file an application for a Fleet Reciprocity Permit issued by the Secretary of State. This permit shall be in the possession of any driver operating a vehicle on Illinois highways. Any foreign licensed vehicle of the second division operating at any time in Illinois without a Fleet Reciprocity Permit or other proper Illinois registration, shall subject the operator to the penalties provided in Section 3-834 of this Code. For the purposes of this Code, "Fleet Reciprocity Permit" means any second division motor vehicle with a foreign license and used only in interstate transportation of goods. The fee for such permit shall be $15 per fleet which shall include all vehicles of the fleet being registered.
    (f) For purposes of this Section, "all-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle used for production agriculture" means any all-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle used in the raising of or the propagation of livestock, crops for sale for human consumption, crops for livestock consumption, and production seed stock grown for the propagation of feed grains and the husbandry of animals or for the purpose of providing a food product, including the husbandry of blood stock as a main source of providing a food product. "All-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle used in production agriculture" also means any all-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle used in animal husbandry, floriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, and viticulture.
    (g) All of the proceeds of the additional fees imposed by Public Act 96-34 shall be deposited into the Capital Projects Fund.
    (h) The fee for a duplicate registration sticker or stickers shall be the amount required under subsection (a) or the vehicle's annual registration fee amount, whichever is less.
(Source: P.A. 99-260, eff. 1-1-16; 99-607, eff. 7-22-16; 100-956, eff. 1-1-19.)