(815 ILCS 705/27) (from Ch. 121 1/2, par. 1727)
    Sec. 27. Periods of limitation. No action shall be maintained under Section 26 of this Act to enforce any liability created by this Act unless brought before the expiration of 3 years after the act or transaction constituting the violation upon which it is based, the expiration of one year after the franchisee becomes aware of facts or circumstances reasonably indicating that he may have a claim for relief in respect to conduct governed by this Act, or 90 days after delivery to the franchisee of a written notice disclosing the violation, whichever shall first expire. No cause of action barred under existing law on the effective date of this Act shall be revived by this Act. Every cause of action under this Act survives the death of any person who might have been a plaintiff or defendant.
(Source: P.A. 85-551.)