(815 ILCS 635/3) (from Ch. 29, par. 903)
    Sec. 3. As used in this Article unless the context otherwise requires:
    (1) "Campground" means real property owned or operated by a Membership Camping Operator which is available for camping by purchasers of Membership Camping Contracts.
    (2) "Membership Camping Contract" means an agreement offered or sold within this State evidencing a member's right or license to use, for more than 30 days, the campgrounds and amenities of a Membership Camping Operator and includes a membership which provides for this use.
    (3) "Purchaser" or "Member" means a person who enters into a Membership Camping Contract with a Membership Camping Operator or a person who obtains the right to use a campground or amenities pursuant to the Membership Camping Contract.
    (4) "Membership Camping Operator" means the person or entity that enters into a Membership Camping Contract with a purchaser or member.
    (5) "Salesperson" means any person, other than a Membership Camping Operator, who is engaged in obtaining commitments of persons to enter into Membership Camping Contracts by making direct sales presentations to such persons. For purposes of "The Unemployment Insurance Act", approved June 30, 1937, as amended, a salesperson under this Act is an independent contractor and not considered to be engaged in employment unless such salesperson has tax withheld by a Membership Camping Operator pursuant to Section 701 of the Illinois Income Tax Act.
(Source: P.A. 85-812.)