(805 ILCS 30/10) (from Ch. 32, par. 408)
    Sec. 10. The purchase and sale or lease, or the consolidation and merger authorized by this act, shall not be held or construed as a violation of the provisions of any ordinance or bond given thereunder, and shall in no way affect suits pending in which such company or companies shall be parties, and shall not affect causes of action or rights of individuals in any particular. In case the property sold and purchased or leased, or acquired through consolidation and merger, under this act, is subject to mortgage or other lien, such mortgage or other lien shall be and remain a lien upon all properties so sold and purchased or leased, or acquired as aforesaid, so that the same shall be liable for and respond to the payment of such mortgage or other lien existing at the time of such sale or lease, or consolidation and merger, before being liable for the payment of the debts and liabilities of the company so purchasing or leasing such property, or acquiring the same as aforesaid. Any corporation purchasing or leasing the real and personal property of any other company or companies as provided for in section 1, or any consolidated corporation, as authorized by section 2, shall pay and discharge all debts and liabilities of each of the companies so entering into said agreement or agreements, and actions may be brought and maintained and recovery had therefor against the company so purchasing or leasing, or against such consolidated corporation.
(Source: Laws 1897, p. 177.)