(775 ILCS 5/7-109.1) (from Ch. 68, par. 7-109.1)
    Sec. 7-109.1. Administrative dismissal of charges. For charges filed under this Act, if the charging party has initiated litigation for the purpose of seeking final relief in a State or federal court or before an administrative law judge or hearing officer in an administrative proceeding before a local government administrative agency, and if a final decision on the merits in that litigation or administrative hearing would preclude the charging party from bringing another action based on the pending charge, the Department shall cease its investigation and dismiss the pending charge by order of the Director, who shall provide the charging party notice of his or her right to commence a civil action in the appropriate circuit court or other appropriate court of competent jurisdiction. The Director shall also provide the charging party notice of his or her right to seek review of the dismissal order before the Commission. Any review by the Commission of the dismissal shall be limited to the question of whether the charge was properly dismissed pursuant to this Section. Nothing in this Section shall preclude the Department from continuing to investigate an allegation in a charge that is unique to this Act or otherwise could not have been included in the litigation or administrative proceeding.
(Source: P.A. 100-1066, eff. 8-24-18.)