(770 ILCS 105/4.1)
    Sec. 4.1. Possession of special tool. If the toolmaker has not been paid the amount claimed in the notice within 90 days after the initial notice is received by the customer and by the processor, the toolmaker has a right to possession of the special tool and may do the following:
        (1) enforce the right to possession of the special
tool by judgement, foreclosure, or any available judicial procedure;
        (2) commence a civil action in circuit court to
enforce the lien, including by obtaining a judgment for the amount owed and a judgment permitting the special tool to be sold at an execution sale;
        (3) take possession of the special tool, if
possession without judicial process can be done without breach of the peace; and
        (4) sell the special tool in a public auction.
    A toolmaker that suffers damages under this Act may obtain appropriate legal and equitable relief, including damages, in a civil action. The court shall award the toolmaker that is the prevailing party reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and expenses related to enforcement of the lien.
(Source: P.A. 94-615, eff. 1-1-06.)