(770 ILCS 105/1) (from Ch. 82, par. 351)
    Sec. 1. Lien.
    (A) Plastic or metal processors or persons conducting a plastic or metal processing business shall have a lien on the tools, dies, molds, jigs, fixtures, forms or patterns in their possession belonging to a customer, for the balance due them from such customer for plastic or metal processing work, and for all materials related to such work. The processor may retain possession of the tool, die, mold, jig, fixture, form or pattern until such balance is paid, subject only to a security interest properly perfected pursuant to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.
    (B) A toolmaker has a lien on all special tools produced by it and on all proceeds from the assignment, sale, transfer, exchange, or other disposition of the special tool produced by it until the toolmaker is paid in full all amounts due the toolmaker for the production of the special tool. For the purpose of this subsection:
        (1) the lien attaches when the special tool is
delivered from the toolmaker to the customer;
        (2) the amount of the lien is the amount that a
customer or processor owes the toolmaker for the fabrication, repair, or modification of the special tool; and
        (3) the toolmaker retains the lien even if the
toolmaker is not a possession of the special tool for which the lien is claimed.
(Source: P.A. 94-615, eff. 1-1-06.)