(770 ILCS 100/10) (from Ch. 8, par. 60)
    Sec. 10. When the lien is duly perfected as above provided, the mare or jennet or progeny thereof, or both, as above provided, shall be sold under the judgment to satisfy the lien as follows: The court shall, at the time of entering judgment in the action, enter an order designating the time and place at which such animal or animals, will be sold under the judgment. All such sales shall be for cash, at public sale, to the highest bidder and shall take place not less than 3 nor more than 5 days after the entry of the order of sale and shall be made by the sheriff of the county in which the sale takes place. The officer making the sale shall advertise the time and place of such sale, together with the correct description of the mare or jennet or progeny thereof, or both, to be sold, by posting written or printed notices of such sale at 3 of the most public places of the township, city or village where such mare or jennet or progeny thereof, or both, is found. The officer making such sale shall forthwith file with the court where the judgment was entered, a written statement of the amount realized from such sale and all proper items of expense in connection therewith and shall then pay from the proceeds of such sale, in the order named, to the parties entitled to receive the same, all necessary expense incurred in the keep of such animal or animals, all sheriff's fees, all court costs taxed in the action, the amount of the judgment recovered by the plaintiff or claimant and the surplus, if any, he shall pay to the defendant in the action or to his legal representatives.
(Source: P.A. 84-546.)