(760 ILCS 100/19) (from Ch. 21, par. 64.19)
    Sec. 19. The Comptroller may make, amend, rescind and enforce such rules and regulations and amendments thereto, as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying out this Act. However, the Comptroller may not make or amend any rule or regulation without holding a hearing thereon and without first giving all cemetery authorities licensed to hold care funds at least 10 days' notice of such hearing, the notice to set forth the proposed rules, regulations or the proposed amendments thereof. Among other things, the Comptroller may, for the purposes of this Act, prescribe the form or forms in which required information shall be set forth, the items or details to be shown in any statement or report, and the methods to be followed in the preparation of accounts and in the appraisal or evaluation of assets and liabilities. When any regulations or amendments thereto are made after such hearing, a written order setting forth the regulations or amendments shall be prepared by the Comptroller and kept on file in his office and a copy of each such order shall be sent by the Comptroller by United States mail to all cemetery authorities within 5 days after the filing in his office of such order. No regulations or amendments shall become effective until 10 days after the mailing of such order. Copies of all other orders, decisions and findings shall be mailed to the cemetery authorities affected thereby by United States mail within 5 days of such filing. All regulations and all amendments thereto and all orders, decisions and findings shall be filed and entered by the Comptroller in an indexed permanent book or record, with the effective date thereof suitably indicated, and such book or record is a public document. A review of all orders, decisions and findings, including orders making regulations or amendments, may be had under the Administrative Review Law, as now or hereafter amended.
(Source: P.A. 82-783.)