(760 ILCS 100/18) (from Ch. 21, par. 64.18)
    Sec. 18. Application; when bond is unnecessary. The provisions of this Act as to the (a) registration, (b) application for license, (c) filing of a fidelity bond, (d) filing of an annual report, and (e) examination by the Comptroller, apply to a cemetery authority owning, operating, controlling or managing a privately operated cemetery whether the care funds are held by such cemetery authority as trustee or by any independent trustee for the same. However, no bond need be filed with the Comptroller as to care funds of such cemetery authority held as trustee by a bank or trust company authorized to do business in this State as a trust company in accordance with Section 2-10 of the Corporate Fiduciary Act or held by an investment company.
    Upon application by such cemetery authority to the Comptroller, and upon a showing that all of the care funds of such cemetery authority are held by such bank or trust company as trustee for such cemetery authority pursuant to an agreement in writing approved from time to time by the Comptroller for the handling and management of all of the care funds of such cemetery authority, or are held by an investment company, the Comptroller in writing may permit the licensee to operate without the filing of any bond as to such care funds except such fidelity bond as he or she may require for the protection of such cemetery authority against defaults by its employees engaged in the handling and collection of funds.
(Source: P.A. 88-477; 89-615, eff. 8-9-96.)