(760 ILCS 5/17) (from Ch. 17, par. 1687)
    Sec. 17. Proceeds of Eminent Domain or Partition. If a trustee is appointed by a court of this State to receive money under eminent domain or partition proceedings and to invest it for the benefit of the person who would be entitled to the real estate or income therefrom if it had not been taken or sold, on petition of any interested person describing the real estate to be purchased, the price to be paid, the probable income to be derived and the state of the title, the court may authorize the trustee to invest all or any part of the money in other real estate in this State. Title to the real estate so purchased shall be taken in the name of the trustee. If the interest of the beneficiary in the real estate taken or sold was a legal interest, the court shall direct the trustee to convey to the beneficiary a legal estate upon the same conditions and limitations of title, but the conveyance by the trustee shall preserve any right of entry for condition broken, possibility of reverter created by the instrument of title or any reversion or other vested interest which arose by operation of law at the time the instrument took effect. The court shall not direct the conveyance by the trustee unless there is a person or class of persons in being who would have a vested interest in the real estate taken or sold under the instrument of title to the real estate and who would be entitled to possession of the real estate if it had not been taken or sold.
(Source: P.A. 78-625.)