(735 ILCS 5/4-201) (from Ch. 110, par. 4-201)
    Sec. 4-201. Liens in general. Every sail vessel, steamboat, steam dredge, tug boat, scow, canal boat, barge, lighter, and other water craft of above five tons burthen, used or intended to be used in navigating the waters or canals of this State, or used in trade and commerce between ports and places within this State, or having their home port in this State, shall be subject to a lien thereon, which lien shall extend to the tackle, apparel and furniture of such craft, as follows:
        1. For all debts contracted by the owner or part
owner, master, clerk, steward, agent or ship's husband of such craft, on account of supplies and provisions furnished for the use of such water craft, on account of work done or services rendered on board of such craft by any seaman, master or other employee thereof, or on account of work done or materials furnished by mechanics, tradesmen or others, in or about the building, repairing, fitting, furnishing or equipping such craft.
        2. For all sums due for wharfage, anchorage or dock
hire, including the use of dry docks.
        3. For sums due for towage, labor at pumping out or
raising, when sunk or disabled, and to shipshusband or agent of such water craft, for disbursement due by the owner on account of such water craft.
        4. For all damages arising for the nonperformance of
any contract of affreightment, or of any contract touching the transportation of property entered into by the master, owner, agent or consignee of such water craft, where any such contract is made in this state.
        5. For all damages arising from injuries done to
persons or property by such water craft, whether the same are aboard said vessel or not, where the same shall have occurred through the negligence or misconduct of the owner, agent, master or employee thereon; but the craft shall not be liable for any injury or damage received by one of the crew from another member of the crew.
(Source: P.A. 95-331, eff. 8-21-07.)