(720 ILCS 5/29B-9)
    Sec. 29B-9. Preliminary review.
    (a) Within 28 days of the seizure, the State shall seek a preliminary determination from the circuit court as to whether there is probable cause that the property may be subject to forfeiture.
    (b) The rules of evidence shall not apply to any proceeding conducted under this Section.
    (c) The court may conduct the review under subsection (a) of this Section simultaneously with a proceeding under Section 109-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963 for a related criminal offense if a prosecution is commenced by information or complaint.
    (d) The court may accept a finding of probable cause at a preliminary hearing following the filing of an information or complaint charging a related criminal offense or following the return of indictment by a grand jury charging the related offense as sufficient evidence of probable cause as required under subsection (a) of this Section.
    (e) Upon a finding of probable cause as required under this Section, the circuit court shall order the property subject to the applicable forfeiture Act held until the conclusion of any forfeiture proceeding.
(Source: P.A. 100-699, eff. 8-3-18.)