(720 ILCS 5/29B-3)
    Sec. 29B-3. Duty to enforce this Article.
    (a) It is the duty of the Department of State Police, and its agents, officers, and investigators, to enforce this Article, except those provisions otherwise specifically delegated, and to cooperate with all agencies charged with the enforcement of the laws of the United States, or of any state, relating to money laundering. Only an agent, officer, or investigator designated by the Director may be authorized in accordance with this Section to serve seizure notices, warrants, subpoenas, and summonses under the authority of this State.
    (b) An agent, officer, investigator, or peace officer designated by the Director may: (1) make seizure of property under this Article; and (2) perform other law enforcement duties as the Director designates. It is the duty of all State's Attorneys to prosecute violations of this Article and institute legal proceedings as authorized under this Article.
(Source: P.A. 100-699, eff. 8-3-18.)