(705 ILCS 405/5-520)
    Sec. 5-520. Petition; supplemental petitions.
    (1) The State's Attorney may file, or the court on its own motion may direct the filing through the State's Attorney of, a petition in respect to a minor under this Act. The petition and all subsequent court documents shall be entitled "In the interest of ...., a minor".
    (2) The petition shall be verified but the statements may be made upon information and belief. It shall allege that the minor is delinquent and set forth (a) facts sufficient to bring the minor under Section 5-120; (b) the name, age and residence of the minor; (c) the names and residences of his parents; (d) the name and residence of his or her guardian or legal custodian or the person or persons having custody or control of the minor, or of the nearest known relative if no parent, guardian or legal custodian can be found; and (e) if the minor upon whose behalf the petition is brought is detained or sheltered in custody, the date on which detention or shelter care was ordered by the court or the date set for a detention or shelter care hearing. If any of the facts required by this subsection (2) are not known by the petitioner, the petition shall so state.
    (3) The petition must pray that the minor be adjudged a ward of the court and may pray generally for relief available under this Act. The petition need not specify any proposed disposition following adjudication of wardship.
    (4) At any time before dismissal of the petition or before final closing and discharge under Section 5-750, one or more supplemental petitions may be filed (i) alleging new offenses or (ii) alleging violations of orders entered by the court in the delinquency proceeding.
(Source: P.A. 90-590, eff. 1-1-99.)