(705 ILCS 105/27) (from Ch. 25, par. 27)
    Sec. 27. Clerks shall provide well bound books in which to record bonds and letters of administrators, executors and guardians; inventories, appraisement bills and sale bills of estates; relinquishments and selections of surviving spouses; inventories of property of minors; wills and the probate thereof; annual and final reports of administrators, executors and guardians; and such other exhibits or writings as are required by law to be recorded.
    Clerks shall also provide a book to be called a ledger, in which shall be kept the accounts of all executors, administrators and guardians. The debit side shall be made up of all items with which the executor, administrator or guardian is charged, with a memorandum opposite each item of charge of the book and page in which the original entry is made. The credit side shall be made up of all sums properly paid by the executor, administrator or guardian, under the laws of this State, which have been allowed by the court; opposite each item of credit a like memorandum shall be made, showing the book and page where the original entry is to be found.
    Each of the books required to be kept by this Section shall have an alphabetical index, with proper entries, so that the contents may be readily found.
    Clerks shall keep a journal of the proceedings of the court. A full summary of all settlements made by executors, administrators or guardians shall be entered in the journal. The journal shall have a copious alphabetical index of all entries made therein.
    This Section is subject to the provisions of the Local Records Act.
(Source: P.A. 87-828.)