(705 ILCS 105/25) (from Ch. 25, par. 25)
    Sec. 25. Unless otherwise provided by rule or administrative order of the Supreme Court, such clerks shall also keep, subject to the provisions of "The Local Records Act", approved August 18, 1961, as amended, a docket, in which shall be entered a minute of all claims filed against estates, in the order in which they are filed, setting forth the name of the claimant and of the estate against which the same is filed, the nature and amount of the claim, if summons was issued thereon, when and where returnable, with sufficient margin opposite each claim for the judgment of the court. Such book shall be prepared and kept substantially in the following form:
Names ofNature andas toJudgment
claimantand amountsummonsof Court
and estateof claimand notice
(Source: P.A. 83-346.)