(705 ILCS 70/7) (from Ch. 37, par. 657)
    Sec. 7. Proficiency tests. Except as otherwise provided in this Section, each court reporter in office on January 1, 1966 or appointed on or after that date shall have taken or shall thereafter take a test to rate his proficiency. The test shall be prepared and administered by the employer representative in consultation with each of the other employer representatives. The test shall consist of three parts designated Part A, Part B and Part C. If the court reporter in office on January 1, 1966, or appointed on or after that date, successfully passes any Part he shall be given a certificate designating him as an official court reporter. If such court reporter fails to pass any part, the employer representative shall so inform the chief judge of the circuit in which the court reporter serves. Upon receipt of note that a court reporter has failed to pass any part of the test, the chief judge may discharge the court reporter or may allow him to continue until the test is next administered. If, when the test is next administered, the court reporter fails to pass any part of the test, he shall be discharged by the chief judge.
    The test shall be administered at least every six months if there are candidates or applicants for the test. Any court reporter who has passed Part C of the test may apply to take the Part B or the Part A section of the test at the regular time such tests are given. If the court reporter successfully completes Part B or Part A of the test, his proficiency rating shall be adjusted to reflect passage of the more difficult Part.
    Any court reporter who served as a court reporter in a circuit court for 5 years immediately preceding January 1, 1966 shall be certified as an official court reporter without examination, and shall be credited with an "A" proficiency rating, without examination.
(Source: P.A. 94-98, eff. 7-1-05.)