(705 ILCS 70/3) (from Ch. 37, par. 653)
    Sec. 3. Number; determination and certification. The number of full-time and part-time court reporters that may be appointed in each circuit shall be determined by the employer representative. In determining how many court reporters are needed in each circuit the employer representative shall consider the following factors: (1) case loads in the circuit; (2) the number of associate judges and circuit judges in the circuit; (3) the number and location in the circuit of major federal and state highways; (4) the location in the circuit of state police highway truck weighing stations; (5) the relationship of urban population to large metropolitan centers in the various counties of the circuit; (6) the location in the circuit of state institutions including, but not limited to, universities, colleges, mental health facilities, penitentiaries; (7) the number of cities and towns within each circuit in which regular court sessions are held and the distance in road miles between each; and (8) any other factor deemed relevant by the employer representative.
    The employer representative may, as the need arises, increase or lower the number of such court reporters so authorized.
    The Chief Judge of each circuit may designate any number of approved full-time court reporter positions as time share positions. For the purposes of this Act, "time share position" means a full-time court reporter position that is divided among 2 or more court reporters with the full-time salary and benefits being apportioned among the court reporters in the same percentage as the duties of the full-time position are apportioned.
(Source: P.A. 94-98, eff. 7-1-05.)