(625 ILCS 45/3-12) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 313-12)
    Sec. 3-12. Exemption from numbering provisions of this Act. A watercraft shall not be required to be numbered under this Act if it is:
    A. A watercraft which has a valid marine document issued by the United States Coast Guard, provided the owner of any such vessel used upon the waters of this State for more than 60 days in any calendar year shall be required to comply with the registration requirements of Section 3-9 of this Act.
    B. Already covered by a number in full force and effect which has been awarded to it pursuant to Federal law or a Federally-approved numbering system of another State, if such boat will not be within this State for a period in excess of 60 consecutive days.
    C. A watercraft from a country other than the United States temporarily using the waters of this State.
    D. A watercraft whose owner is the United States, a State or a subdivision thereof, and used solely for official purposes and clearly identifiable.
    E. A vessel used exclusively as a ship's lifeboat.
    F. A watercraft belonging to a class of boats which has been exempted from numbering by the Department after such agency has found that an agency of the Federal Government has a numbering system applicable to the class of watercraft to which the watercraft in question belongs and would be exempt from numbering if it were subject to the Federal law.
    G. Watercraft while competing in any race approved by the Department under the provisions of Section 5-15 of this Act or if the watercraft is designed and intended solely for racing while engaged in navigation that is incidental to preparation of the watercraft for the race. Preparation of the watercraft for the race may be accomplished only after obtaining the written authorization of the Department.
    H. Non-powered, owned and operated on water completely impounded on land belonging to the owner of the watercraft. This Section does not apply to water controlled by a club or association.
    I. A non-powered watercraft.
(Source: P.A. 97-1136, eff. 1-1-13.)