(625 ILCS 5/5-302) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 5-302)
    Sec. 5-302. Out-of-state salvage vehicle buyer must be licensed.
    (a) No person in this State shall sell or offer at auction salvage vehicles to a nonresident who is not licensed in another state or jurisdiction.
    (b) (Blank).
    (c) (Blank).
    (d) (Blank).
    (e) (Blank).
    (f) (Blank).
    (g) An out-of-state salvage vehicle buyer shall be subject to the inspection of records pertaining to the acquisition of salvage vehicles in this State in accordance with this Code and such rules as the Secretary of State may promulgate.
    (h) (Blank).
    (i) (Blank).
(Source: P.A. 95-783, eff. 1-1-09.)