(625 ILCS 5/20-301) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 20-301)
    Sec. 20-301. Repeal. The following acts are repealed:
    (a) The "Illinois Vehicle Law", approved July 11, 1957, as amended.
    (b) "AN ACT in relation to motor vehicles and to repeal a certain act therein named", approved June 30, 1919, as amended.
    (c) "AN ACT in relation to the issuance of insurance policies in connection with certain transactions involving motor vehicles, and providing a penalty for the violation thereof", approved July 7, 1955, as amended.
    (d) "AN ACT providing for the use of public money derived from fees, excises, and license taxes relating to registration, operation and use of vehicles on public highways, and fuels used for the propulsion of such vehicles", approved July 21, 1947, as amended.
    (e) The "Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways", approved July 9, 1935, as amended.
    (f) "AN ACT in relation to the prevention of the use of public highways by vehicles exceeding prescribed weight limits", approved August 6, 1949, as amended.
    (g) "AN ACT relating to the operation of ambulances", approved July 25, 1963.
    (h) "AN ACT to prevent the overloading of motor vehicles used in transporting children", approved July 22, 1959, as amended.
    (i) "AN ACT in relation to the sale of certain tires for use on motor vehicles", approved July 9, 1955, as amended.
    (j) The "Illinois Motor Carrier of Property Act", approved July 7, 1953, as amended.
    (k) "AN ACT to create a Motor Vehicle Laws Commission, to define its powers and duties, and to make an appropriation therefor", approved June 21, 1951, as amended.
    (l) "AN ACT to authorize the Department of Public Safety to furnish copies of traffic accident reports and be paid a fee therefor", approved April 17, 1967.
    (m) "AN ACT relating to the powers and duties of the Governor in connection with the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1966", approved August 18, 1967.
    (n) "AN ACT enacting and entering into the Driver Licenses Compact", approved August 19, 1963, as amended.
    (o) "AN ACT to adopt the Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact and to provide for the administration thereof", approved August 19, 1963.
(Source: P.A. 85-293.)