(620 ILCS 30/2) (from Ch. 15 1/2, par. 48.102)
    Sec. 2. As used in this act, unless the context otherwise requires:
    "Approved Airport" means any publicly owned or operated area of land or water, or both, designed and set aside for the taking off and landing of aircraft and utilized or to be utilized in the interest of the public for such purposes and approved as such by the Department;
    "Department" means the Division of Aeronautics of the Department of Transportation of the State of Illinois.
    "Permit" means a permit issued by the Department under the provisions of this act;
    "Person" means any individual, firm, trustee, receiver, partnership, association, business or non-profit corporation, religious corporation, municipal corporation or body politic;
    "Structure" means any object constructed or installed by man, including, but without limitation to, buildings, towers, smokestacks and overhead transmission lines.
(Source: P.A. 81-840.)