(615 ILCS 5/18j)
    Sec. 18j. ESDA critical facility evacuation plans. Any critical facility that gives shelter to a person who would be unable to evacuate without assistance during a flooding event, and that is located in an area deemed by operation of law not to be within the 100-year floodplain because the area in which the critical facility is located lies within an area protected by a federal levee and is located in a flood prevention district established in accordance with the Flood Prevention District Act shall develop an evacuation plan and certify to the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA), as defined by Section 4 of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act, on a form provided by the ESDA, that it has developed an evacuation plan which the critical facility has or will implement prior to or concurrent with occupancy of the facility to evacuate persons who need assistance evacuating the facility and the flooded area.
(Source: P.A. 99-78, eff. 7-20-15.)