(610 ILCS 10/1) (from Ch. 114, par. 29a)
    Sec. 1. That whenever the Board of Directors of any railroad company now organized or hereafter to be organized under the laws of this State, or of this State and any other State or States, may desire to change the name; to change the place of business; to enlarge or change the object for which such company was formed; to make any of the following changes in respect to its capital stock, issued or unissued, namely: To increase or decrease the capital stock; to change the number of shares of capital stock; to increase or decrease the par value of shares of capital stock; to provide for shares with par value, or shares without par value, or both, with such designations, relative rights, preferences, qualifications, limitations, restrictions, voting rights, values and interests of the shares of each class as said Board may specify; to provide or change the consideration for which the company may issue and sell its shares without par value, or to authorize the Board of Directors to fix such consideration from time to time; to change shares of any class into the same or a different number of shares of any other class or classes, including a change of shares with par value into shares without par value or a change of shares without par value into shares with par value; or to classify or reclassify the shares of capital stock; to increase or decrease the number of directors, to consolidate said company with any other corporation or corporations now existing or which may hereafter be organized; or to make any two or more of such changes; said Board may call a special meeting of the stockholders of said company for the purpose of submitting to a vote of such stockholders, the question of the approval of such change or changes, or may direct that such question be submitted to the stockholders at a regular annual meeting; Provided, that in changing the name of any company, under the provisions hereof, no name shall be assumed or adopted similar to or liable to be mistaken for the name of any other corporation organized under the laws of this State, without the consent of such other corporation; And provided further, that the provisions of this Act, in reference to the consolidation of corporations, shall apply only to corporations organized under the laws of one or more states for the purpose of constructing or operating a railroad or some purpose related thereto; and nothing herein shall be construed as authorizing any railroad corporation to consolidate its stock, property or franchises with any other railroad corporation owning a parallel or competing line.
(Source: Laws 1933, p. 388.)