(610 ILCS 5/18) (from Ch. 114, par. 19)
    Sec. 18. Any such corporation may, by their agents and employees, enter upon and take from any land adjacent to its road, earth, gravel, stone, or other materials, except fuel and wood, necessary for the construction of such railway, paying, if the owner of such land and the said corporation can agree thereto, the value of such material taken and the amount of damage occasioned thereby to any such land or its appurtenances; and if such owner and corporation can not agree, then the value of such material, and the damage occasioned to such real estate, may be ascertained, determined and paid in the manner that may now or hereafter be provided by any law of eminent domain, but the value of such materials, and the damages to such real estate, shall be ascertained, determined and paid for before such corporation can enter upon or take the same.
(Source: Laws 1871, p. 625.)