(605 ILCS 120/25)
    Sec. 25. Responsibilities of the group. Groups participating in an Adopt-A-Highway program shall:
        (1) be required to obey and abide by all laws and
regulations relating to safety and any other terms and conditions as required by the sponsoring jurisdiction;
        (2) provide one adult supervisor for every 5 youths
when persons under age 18 are present on an adopted section;
        (3) not allow a person under the age of 10 to be a
member of the group who would be volunteering for the purpose of litter collection;
        (4) require all group members to attend a safety
meeting conducted by the group before participation in any litter collection along an adopted section;
        (5) require the group coordinator, or designee, to
conduct group safety meetings and to receive safety training as required by the sponsoring jurisdiction;
        (6) adopt a section for a minimum of 2 years;
        (7) collect litter along an adopted section 4 times a
year, or as required by the director;
        (8) require the group coordinator to provide prior
notice, as required by the director, whenever the group intends to collect litter along its adopted section;
        (9) require group members to properly wear any safety
apparel provided by the sponsoring jurisdiction while collecting litter on an adopted section;
        (10) be responsible for prohibiting members from
possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on an adopted section;
        (11) maintain a first-aid kit and an adequate supply
of drinking water while members are collecting litter along an adopted section;
        (12) place litter in trashbags provided by the
sponsoring jurisdiction and place filled trashbags at a location on the adopted section as designated by the director; and
        (13) not subcontract or assign its duties or
responsibilities to any other group or organization.
(Source: P.A. 87-1118.)