(525 ILCS 50/2) (from Ch. 48, par. 2552)
    Sec. 2. Declaration of Intent. The General Assembly finds that the level of unemployment among veterans, the youths of this State, particularly those age 14 through 18, and young adults, age 18 through 25, is unsatisfactory. This situation is not conducive to the development of veterans and the youth and young adults of Illinois as the future of the State. The General Assembly further finds that the availability of conservation and recreational programs for veterans, youth, and young adults in parks and recreational facilities and other lands operated by the State, by units of local government, and by local not-for-profit entities is severely limited. The General Assembly therefore creates the Illinois Veteran, Youth, and Young Adult Conservation Jobs Act to establish (a) the Illinois Veteran Conservation Corps and the Illinois Young Adult Conservation Corps to provide year-round employment for veterans and young adults of this State for the purpose of conservation, rehabilitation, protection and enhancement of the State's public land and (b) the Illinois Veteran Recreation Corps and the Illinois Youth Recreation Corps to provide employment for the veterans and youth of this State for the purpose of administering and operating conservation or recreational programs operated by units of local government or local not-for-profit entities at conservation and open spaces, parks, or recreational facilities or other similar facilities or locations.
(Source: P.A. 97-738, eff. 7-5-12.)