(510 ILCS 5/8) (from Ch. 8, par. 358)
    Sec. 8. Rabies inoculation. Every owner of a dog 4 months or more of age shall have each dog inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Every dog shall have a second rabies vaccination within one year of the first. Terms of subsequent vaccine administration and duration of immunity must be in compliance with USDA licenses of vaccines used. A veterinarian immunizing a dog, cat, or ferret against rabies shall provide the Administrator of the county in which the dog, cat, or ferret resides with a certificate of immunization. Evidence of such rabies inoculation shall be entered on a certificate the form of which shall be approved by the Board and which shall contain the microchip number of the dog, cat, or ferret if it has one and which shall be signed by the licensed veterinarian administering the vaccine. Only one dog, cat, or ferret shall be included on each certificate. Veterinarians who inoculate a dog shall procure from the County Animal Control in the county where their office is located serially numbered tags, one to be issued with each inoculation certificate. The Board shall cause a rabies inoculation tag to be issued, at a fee established by the Board for each dog inoculated against rabies.
    Rabies vaccine for use on animals shall be sold or distributed only to and used only by licensed veterinarians. Such rabies vaccine shall be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture.
    If a licensed veterinarian determines in writing that a rabies inoculation would compromise an animal's health, then the animal shall be exempt from the rabies inoculation requirement, however, the owner is still responsible for the tag fees.
    If a bite occurs from an exempt animal, the exempt animal shall be treated as an unvaccinated animal. If the animal is exempt, the animal shall be re-examined by a licensed veterinarian on no less than an annual basis and be vaccinated against rabies as soon as the animal's health permits.
(Source: P.A. 99-658, eff. 7-28-16.)