(505 ILCS 145/25)
    Sec. 25. Temporary program committee; proposals; procedures. After the effective date of this Act if there are sponsors willing and able to meet the requirements of Section 35, the Director shall appoint a temporary wheat development program committee consisting of 7 members who are wheat producers nominated by an association representing wheat producers to develop a wheat development program proposal. The proposal shall be considered at a public hearing. After the close of the public hearing, the Director and temporary wheat development program committee shall send copies of their findings to all parties of record appearing at the hearing. If the proposal is approved by the temporary wheat development program committee, a referendum shall be held on the proposal in accordance with Section 30 of this Act.
    The Director, upon recommendation of the temporary wheat development program committee, shall establish procedures for the qualifications of producers for wheat development programs, the participation of producers in hearings and referenda, and other procedures necessary in the development and adoption of a wheat development program. These procedures shall not be subject to the provisions of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act; however, the Director shall take any necessary steps to inform affected persons of the procedures, including publication of the procedures in the Illinois Register.
(Source: P.A. 98-343, eff. 8-13-13.)