(505 ILCS 130/14) (from Ch. 5, par. 564)
    Sec. 14. The duties and responsibilities of the program operating board shall be prescribed in the authority for each marketing program and to the extent applicable shall include the following:
        (a) to develop and direct the marketing program;
        (b) to prepare and approve a budget consistent with
estimated receipts and the scope of the marketing program;
        (c) to formulate and execute assessment procedures,
rates and methods of collection;
        (d) to procure and evaluate data and information
necessary for the proper administration and operation of the marketing program;
        (e) to employ personnel and contract for services
which are necessary for the proper operation of the marketing program;
        (f) to authorize the expenditure of funds and the
contracting of expenditures to conduct proper activities of the program;
        (g) to bond the treasurer and such other persons
necessary to insure adequate protection of funds; and
        (h) to perform such other duties which are necessary
to the proper operation of the program.
(Source: P.A. 78-739.)