(505 ILCS 90/7) (from Ch. 5, par. 67)
    Sec. 7. Every nursery dealer engaged in selling nursery stock in this State shall, before selling, offering for sale or delivering any stock, make annual application to the Department for a nursery dealer's certificate. A separate certificate shall be required for each location which must be prominently displayed at each place of business. A nurseryman who is also acting as a nursery dealer at the same location shall be exempt from procuring the nursery dealer's certificate. This nursery dealers certificate shall expire the 31st day of December each year. An application shall be made on forms to be furnished by the Department. A nursery dealer is authorized to sell under a nursery dealer's certificate only nursery stock which has been inspected and certified by the Department or which is accompanied by a valid certificate of inspection of a Federal or State inspector, stating that such stock was inspected and is apparently free from insect pests and plant diseases. For Christmas trees originating outside Illinois only trees from State or federal quarantine areas are required to be accompanied by a certificate of inspection. Such nursery dealer's certificate may be attached to nursery stock offered for shipment or delivery in lieu of the certificate of inspection from the nursery from which the stock was procured. The Department may prescribe in writing such conditions and precautions as to the use of the nursery dealer's certificate, as may in its judgment be necessary.
(Source: P.A. 88-292.)