(505 ILCS 90/20) (from Ch. 5, par. 80)
    Sec. 20. Whenever the Department finds that there exists in any part of this State a dangerous insect pest or a dangerous plant disease, which for the protection of the economy and environment of the State, should be prevented from spreading and be controlled or eradicated, the Department is authorized to carry out the following restrictive and control measures when deemed necessary and advisable and may co-operate with other state agencies and with the United States Department of Agriculture.
    The Department is authorized to promulgate a quarantine covering such affected area in the State, and other areas within the State which are subsequently found to be infested or infected with the pest, and may adopt, issue and enforce rules and regulations supplemental to the quarantine for the control of this pest. Under such quarantine the Department or its authorized agents may prohibit and prevent the movement within, or through any portion of the State, of agricultural or horticultural products or any other material or things whatsoever capable of carrying such pest in any living stage of its development; and in the enforcement of such quarantine may intercept, stop, and detain for official inspection, any person, car, vessel, boat, truck, automobile, air craft, wagon or other vehicles or carriers, whether air, land or water or any container believed or known to be carrying such insect in any living stage of its development or any such prohibited material, and may seize, possess, and destroy any agricultural or horticultural product or other material of any character whatsoever, moved, shipped, or transported in violation of such quarantine or the rules and regulations supplemental thereto.
    The Department may, when it is deemed necessary, prohibit the use of any farm practice or operation within the quarantined area which favors the development of such pest and may specify and require in such area the use of specific operations and procedures in disposing of weeds and crop residues, in the treating and handling of seeds, growing crops, or harvested products, machinery and any other property, or in planting and harvesting crops, as may be necessary to effectively destroy or prevent the development of such pest; and it is the duty of the owner or person in charge of lands and crops and other things connected therewith within such quarantined area, upon due notice, to refrain from such prohibited practices and operations and to use such specific operations and procedures as are required within the time limit specified and in the manner designated by the Department. In case the owner or the person in charge of such lands, crops or other materials within the quarantined area neglects or refuses to carry out the instructions of the Department contained in such notice within the time limit specified, the Department or its authorized agents may take the action so required, and the expense thereof shall be paid by such owner or other person in charge. This expense in case of failure or refusal to pay shall be collected by the Department by a civil action in the name of the People of the State of Illinois against the person liable therefor.
    Before such quarantine is promulgated, the Department shall call a hearing, after due notice of the same, to be held at some convenient place designated by the Department, at which interested persons may be heard, either in person or by attorney, which hearing shall be held not less than 15 days after the publication of such call. The notice of any hearing and the promulgation of any quarantine provided for in this Act, except as otherwise provided in Section 15 of this Act, shall be by publication in one or more newspapers in circulation in the area affected. After a quarantine area has been established the Director may extend the quarantine area to include additional areas of the State upon publication of a notice to that effect in such newspapers in the affected area as the Director may select or by direct written notice to those concerned without holding additional public hearings.
    Any person affected by any rule, regulation or order made or served pursuant to this Act, may have a review of the same by the Department. Application for such review may be made to the Department in writing within 10 days after the publication of notice of such rule, regulation or order and such review shall be allowed and considered by the Department at such time and place and under such conditions as the Department may prescribe.
(Source: P.A. 85-324.)