(505 ILCS 25/9) (from Ch. 5, par. 1409)
    Sec. 9. Collection of monies at time of marketing.
    (a) Every marketing agency licensed to do business in the State of Illinois shall deduct from the gross receipts of the seller, at the time of sale, an assessment established by referendum, as recommended by the Checkoff Division, on all cattle marketed in the State in addition to any assessment for a National Promotion Research Program, created by federal law, which may be in effect.
    (b) The collecting agent shall assemble all such monies and forward them to the Checkoff Division on a regular basis, not less often than monthly, and the Checkoff Division shall provide appropriate business forms for the convenience of the collecting agent in executing this duty.
    Failure of the collecting agent to deduct or forward funds under this Section is grounds for the Checkoff Division to request the Department of Agriculture to suspend or refuse to issue the collecting agent's licenses issued under the Livestock Auction Market Law or Livestock Dealer Licensing Act.
    (c) The Checkoff Division shall maintain within its financial record a separate accounting of all monies received under the provisions of this Section.
    (d) Any due and payable assessment/deduction required under this Act constitutes a personal debt of the person so assessed or who otherwise owes the assessment/deduction. In the event of failure of a person to remit any properly due assessment/deduction or sum, the Checkoff Division may bring a civil action against that person in the circuit court of any county for the collection thereof, and may add an additional 10% penalty assessment, cost of enforcing the collection of the assessment, and court costs. The action shall be tried and judgment rendered as in any other cause of action for debts due and payable. All assessments, penalty assessments, and enforcement costs are due and payable to the Checkoff Division.
    (e) All monies deducted under the provisions of this Section shall be considered as bonafide business expenses for the seller as provided for under the tax laws of this State.
    (f) The Checkoff Division may adopt reciprocal agreements with other Beef Councils or like organizations, on moneys collected at Illinois collecting agencies on cattle from other states and on Illinois cattle sold at other state markets.
(Source: P.A. 99-389, eff. 8-18-15.)