(505 ILCS 25/8) (from Ch. 5, par. 1408)
    Sec. 8. Payments to organizations.
    (a) As described heretofore, the Checkoff Division may pay funds to other organizations for work or services performed which are consistent with the objectives of the program.
    (b) Prior to making payments described in this Section, the Checkoff Division shall secure agreements in writing that such organization receiving payment shall:
        (1) Furnish not less often than annual, or on request
of the Checkoff Division, written or printed reports of program activities and reports of financial data which are relative to the Checkoff Division's funding of such activities;
        (2) Agree to have appropriate representatives attend
business meetings of the Checkoff Division as reasonably requested by the Chairman of the Checkoff Division.
    (c) The Checkoff Division may require adequate proof of security bonding on funds paid to any individual, business or other organizations.
(Source: P.A. 99-389, eff. 8-18-15.)