(505 ILCS 25/6) (from Ch. 5, par. 1406)
    Sec. 6. Powers and duties of the Checkoff Division.
    (a) The Checkoff Division shall:
        (1) Receive and disburse funds, as prescribed
elsewhere in this Act, to be used in administering and implementing the provisions and intent of this Act;
        (2) Annually elect a Chairman from among its members
who may succeed himself for not more than one term;
        (3) Annually elect a Secretary-Treasurer from among
its members;
        (4) Meet regularly, not less often than one time each
calendar quarter or at such other times as called by the Chairman, or when requested by four or more members of the Checkoff Division;
        (5) Maintain a permanent record of its business
        (6) Maintain a permanent and detailed record of its
financial dealings;
        (7) Prepare periodic reports and an annual report of
its activities for the fiscal year, for review of the beef industry of the State, and the annual report is to be filed with the Illinois Director of Agriculture;
        (8) Prepare periodic reports and an annual accounting
for the fiscal year of all receipts and expenditures for review of the beef industry of the State, and shall retain a certified public accountant for this purpose;
        (9) Appoint a licensed banking institution as the
depository for program funds and disbursements;
        (10) Maintain frequent communication with officers
and industry representatives of the National Livestock and Meat Board.
        (11) Maintain an office at a specific location in
    (b) The Checkoff Division may:
        (1) Conduct or contract for scientific research with
any accredited university, college or similar institution; and, enter into other contracts or agreements which will aid in carrying out the purposes of the program, including contracts for the purchase or acquisition of facilities or equipment necessary to carry out the purposes of the program;
        (2) Disseminate reliable information benefiting the
consumer and the beef industry on such subjects as, but not limited to, purchase, identification, care, storage, handling, cookery, preparation, serving and nutritive value of beef and beef products;
        (3) Provide information to such various government
bodies as request it, on subjects of concern to the beef industry; and further, act jointly or in cooperation with the State or Federal government, and agencies thereof, in the development or administration of programs deemed by the Checkoff Division as consistent with the objectives of the programs;
        (4) Sue and be sued as a Checkoff Division without
individual liability of the members for acts of the Checkoff Division when acting within the scope of the powers of this Act, and in the manner prescribed by the laws of the State;
        (5) Borrow money from licensed lending institutions
in amounts which are not cumulatively greater than 50% of anticipated annual income;
        (6) Maintain a financial reserve for emergency use,
the total of which shall not exceed 50% of anticipated annual income;
        (7) Appoint advisory groups composed of
representatives from organizations, institutions, governments or business related to or interested in the welfare of the beef industry and the consuming public;
        (8) Employ subordinate officers and employees of the
Checkoff Division and prescribe their duties and fix their compensation and terms of employment;
        (9) Cooperate with any local, State, regional or
nationwide organization or agency engaged in work or activities consistent with the objectives of the program.
        (10) Cause any duly authorized agent or
representative to enter upon the premises of any market agency, market agent, collection agent, or collection agency and examine or cause to be examined by such agent only books, papers, and records which deal in any way with respect to the payment of the assessment/deduction or enforcement of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 99-389, eff. 8-18-15.)