(415 ILCS 5/55.7) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 1055.7)
    Sec. 55.7. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity may adopt regulations as necessary for the administration of the grant and loan programs funded from the Used Tire Management Fund, including but not limited to procedures and criteria for applying for, evaluating, awarding and terminating grants and loans. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity may by rule specify criteria for providing grant assistance rather than loan assistance; such criteria shall promote the expeditious development of alternatives to the disposal of used tires, and the efficient use of monies for assistance. Evaluation criteria may be established by rule, considering such factors as:
        (1) the likelihood that a proposal will lead to the
actual collection and processing of used tires and protection of the environment and public health in furtherance of the purposes of this Act;
        (2) the feasibility of the proposal;
        (3) the suitability of the location for the proposed
        (4) the potential of the proposal for encouraging
recycling and reuse of resources; and
        (5) the potential for development of new technologies
consistent with the purposes of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 94-793, eff. 5-19-06.)