(415 ILCS 5/22.2c)
    Sec. 22.2c. Adjacent site remediation; injunction. If remediation of real property contaminated by hazardous substances or petroleum products cannot be reasonably accomplished without entering onto land adjoining the site from which those substances were released, and if the owner of the adjoining land refuses to permit entry onto the adjoining land for the purpose of effecting remediation, then the owner or operator of the site may bring an action to compel the owner of the adjoining land to permit immediate entry for purposes relating to the remediation of the site, the adjoining land, and any other real property that may be contaminated with the hazardous substances or petroleum products. The court shall prescribe the conditions of the entry and shall determine the amount of damages, if any, to be paid to the owner of the adjoining land as compensation for the entry. The court may require the owner or operator who is seeking entry to give bond to the owner of the adjoining land to secure performance and payment.
(Source: P.A. 89-164, eff. 7-19-95.)