(415 ILCS 5/22.28) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 1022.28)
    Sec. 22.28. White goods.
    (a) No person shall knowingly offer for collection or collect white goods for the purpose of disposal by landfilling unless the white good components have been removed.
    (b) No owner or operator of a landfill shall accept any white goods for final disposal, except that white goods may be accepted if:
        (1) (blank);
        (2) prior to final disposal, any white good
components have been removed from the white goods; and
        (3) a site operating plan satisfying this Act has
been approved under the landfill's site operating permit and the conditions of the operating plan are met.
    (c) For the purposes of this Section:
        (1) "White goods" shall include all discarded
refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers, air conditioners, humidifiers and other similar domestic and commercial large appliances.
        (2) "White good components" shall include:
            (i) any chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant gas;
            (ii) any electrical switch containing mercury;
            (iii) any device that contains or may contain
PCBs in a closed system, such as a dielectric fluid for a capacitor, ballast or other component; and
            (iv) any fluorescent lamp that contains mercury.
    (d) The Agency is authorized to provide financial assistance to units of local government from the Solid Waste Management Fund to plan for and implement programs to collect, transport and manage white goods. Units of local government may apply jointly for financial assistance under this Section.
    Applications for such financial assistance shall be submitted to the Agency and must provide a description of:
            (A) the area to be served by the program;
            (B) the white goods intended to be included in
the program;
            (C) the methods intended to be used for
collecting and receiving materials;
            (D) the property, buildings, equipment and
personnel included in the program;
            (E) the public education systems to be used as
part of the program;
            (F) the safety and security systems that will be
            (G) the intended processing methods for each
white goods type;
            (H) the intended destination for final material
handling location; and
            (I) any staging sites used to handle collected
materials, the activities to be performed at such sites and the procedures for assuring removal of collected materials from such sites.
    The application may be amended to reflect changes in operating procedures, destinations for collected materials, or other factors.
    Financial assistance shall be awarded for a State fiscal year, and may be renewed, upon application, if the Agency approves the operation of the program.
    (e) All materials collected or received under a program operated with financial assistance under this Section shall be recycled whenever possible. Treatment or disposal of collected materials are not eligible for financial assistance unless the applicant shows and the Agency approves which materials may be treated or disposed of under various conditions.
    Any revenue from the sale of materials collected under such a program shall be retained by the unit of local government and may be used only for the same purposes as the financial assistance under this Section.
    (f) The Agency is authorized to adopt rules necessary or appropriate to the administration of this Section.
    (g) (Blank).
(Source: P.A. 100-103, eff. 8-11-17; 100-201, eff. 8-18-17; 100-621, eff. 7-20-18.)