(410 ILCS 413/5)
    Sec. 5. Policy declaration. The General Assembly finds that epilepsy is a devastating health condition that afflicts 2,300,000 United States citizens, over 125,000 of whom reside in Illinois. The General Assembly also finds that epilepsy afflicts its victims at all ages, but is particularly devastating to children and the elderly. It is the opinion of the General Assembly that epilepsy can cause serious financial, social, and emotional hardships on the victims and their families of such a major consequence that it is essential for the State to develop and implement policies, plans, and programs to alleviate these hardships.
    It is the intent of the General Assembly through implementation of this Act to establish a program for the conduct of epilepsy education, awareness, and treatment initiatives designed to address the service gaps and treatment needs of the people impacted by epilepsy. Additionally, it is the intent of the General Assembly, through a comprehensive, statewide system of community-based services (Epilepsy Treatment and Education Program), to provide for the identification, evaluation, diagnosis, referral, and treatment of victims of this disease.
(Source: P.A. 94-73, eff. 6-23-05.)