(410 ILCS 245/4) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 5704)
    Sec. 4. Report; contents, filing, availability for research and public inspection.
    (1) The report prescribed in Section 3 shall be designated a Reye's Syndrome report and shall contain information which the Director considers necessary to identify, locate, and investigate the occurrence, frequency, incidence, cause, effect, and prognosis of Reye's Syndrome, and other relevant data and findings with respect thereto.
    (2) The Director shall promulgate rules regarding the form, content, and manner of filing the report prescribed in Section 3, which shall be submitted to the department unless otherwise prescribed by the Director. Any such rules promulgated by the Director shall contain a specific provision guaranteeing the maintenance of the physician-patient privilege.
    (3) A report or other data relating to Reye's Syndrome which discloses the identity of an individual who was reported as having Reye's Syndrome shall be made available only to persons who demonstrate a need for the report or other data which is essential to health related research. No report or data or portion of such data which discloses the identity of the individual shall be made available to the public.
    (4) Nothing in this Section shall mandate the Department to investigate or otherwise follow-up any reported incidence of Reye's Syndrome.
(Source: P.A. 82-501.)