(410 ILCS 235/3) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 7503)
    Sec. 3. Public pamphlet. The Director shall prepare and make available upon request to all health care providers, parents and guardians in the State, a pamphlet which explains the benefits and possible adverse reactions to immunizations for pertussis. This pamphlet may contain any information which the Director deems necessary and may be revised by the Department whenever new information concerning these immunizations becomes available. The pamphlet shall include the following information:
        (a) a list of the immunizations required for
admission to a public or private school in the State;
        (b) specific information regarding the pertussis
vaccine which includes:
            (1) the circumstances under which pertussis
vaccine should not be administered or should be delayed, including the categories of persons who are significantly more vulnerable to major adverse reactions than are members of the general population;
            (2) the frequency, severity and potential
long-term effects of pertussis;
            (3) possible adverse reactions to pertussis
vaccine and the early warning signs or symptoms that may be precursors to a major adverse reaction which, upon occurrence, should be brought to the immediate attention of the health care provider who administered the vaccine;
            (4) a form that the parent or guardian may use to
monitor symptoms of a possible adverse reaction and which includes places where the parent or guardian can record information about the symptoms that will assist the health care provider; and
            (5) measures that a parent or guardian should
take to reduce the risk of, or to respond to, a major adverse reaction including identification of who should be notified of the reaction and when the notification should be made.
    The Director shall prepare the pamphlet in consultation with the Illinois State Medical Society, the Illinois Hospital Association, and interested consumer groups and shall adopt by regulation the information contained in the pamphlet, pursuant to the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act.
(Source: P.A. 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)