(330 ILCS 115/1) (from Ch. 23, par. 3051)
    Sec. 1. The Soldiers' Home in Chicago, a corporation incorporated under and by virtue of a special act of the Legislature of the State of Illinois, approved and in force February 28, 1867, be and the said corporation hereby is authorized and empowered to erect and maintain on the north one-quarter of a piece of ground now known as "Dearborn Park" in that part of the City of Chicago known as Fort Dearborn Addition to Chicago, and bounded on the north by the south line of Randolph Street, on the east by the west line of Michigan Avenue, on the south by the north line of Washington Street, and on the west by the east line of an alley known as Dearborn Place, a Soldiers' Memorial Hall building to commemorate the virtues, sufferings and sacrifices of the soldiers and sailors of the State of Illinois in the late Civil War, and for the uses hereinafter set forth.
(Source: Laws 1941, vol. 1, p. 314.)