(310 ILCS 30/3) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 94)
    Sec. 3. A housing authority, in the development and management of any housing project developed in whole or in part with grants from the funds appropriated for this Act, shall conform with following standards;
    (1) Any such project shall not be of elaborate or expensive design or materials and shall be planned and developed to promote economy both in construction and administration.
    (2) The average construction cost of dwelling accommodations (exclusive of land and site clearance) in any such project shall not be greater than the average construction cost of dwelling accommodations currently produced by private enterprise in the area of operation of the housing authority undertaking such project, under the legal building requirements applicable to the proposed site, and under labor standards not lower than those applicable to such project.
    (3) Rentals shall be fixed and tenants selected in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Authorities Act; provided that first preference for occupancy shall be granted to eligible persons from the area of the redevelopment project that cannot otherwise be rehoused in decent, safe and uncongested dwelling accommodations within their financial reach and that such preference shall continue until such persons are rehoused.
(Source: Laws 1947, p. 1089.)