(310 ILCS 5/47) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 197)
    Sec. 47. (a) The Chairman of the County Board of each county, other than a home rule county, in which a county or municipal housing authority has been established, shall cause to be formed an Advisory Committee for the assignment of housing in low-income projects.
    (b) The Advisory Committee required by this Section shall consist of:
        (1) the Chairman of the County Board as chairman of
the committee, ex officio;
        (2) in any county which has formed a county housing
authority, one member of the county board, selected by the county board;
        (3) a member of the city council or of the village
board of trustees, as applicable, for each municipality which has established a municipal housing authority, each member having been selected by his council or board;
        (4) a representative of the United Fund, Community
Chest, or other similar organization;
        (5) representatives of the area or regional offices
of the Illinois Departments of Children and Family Services, Human Services, and Public Health;
        (6) a representative of the county building
        (7) a representative of the Visiting Nurse
Association which represents nurses operating within the county; and
        (8) a representative of each housing authority which
has jurisdiction within the county.
    (c) The Advisory Committee shall meet at least once in each calendar quarter, and more often as necessary, at the call of the chairman or of 25% of the members appointed under the provisions of this Section. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the appointed members.
    (d) The Committee shall prepare a list of those persons who have been found to be in need of low-income housing by the agencies and governmental authorities which are represented in the membership of the committee. The Committee shall place these persons on separate lists according to the housing authority in which the persons reside, shall rank them according to priority of need, and shall submit the lists to the several chief operating officers of the housing authorities within the county.
    (e) Upon receiving the latest list of recommendations from the Advisory Committee, the chief operating officer of each housing authority shall take the recommendations into consideration in assigning units of low-income housing within his jurisdiction.
(Source: P.A. 89-507, eff. 7-1-97.)