(230 ILCS 5/6) (from Ch. 8, par. 37-6)
    Sec. 6. (a) No person shall be appointed a member of the Board or continue to be a member of the Board who is (or any member of whose family is) a member of the Board of Directors of, or who is a person financially interested in, any licensee or other person who has applied for racing dates to the Board, or the operations thereof including, but not limited to, concessions, data processing, track maintenance, track security and pari-mutuel operations, located, scheduled or doing business within the State of Illinois, or in any race horse competing at a meeting under the Board's jurisdiction. No Board member shall hold any other public office for which he shall receive compensation other than necessary travel or other incidental expenses.
    (b) No person shall be a member of the Board who is not of good moral character or who has been convicted of, or is under indictment for, a felony under the laws of Illinois or any other state, or the United States.
(Source: P.A. 89-16, eff. 5-30-95.)