(230 ILCS 5/29) (from Ch. 8, par. 37-29)
    Sec. 29. (a) After the privilege or pari-mutuel tax established in Sections 26(f), 27, and 27.1 is paid to the State from the monies retained by the organization licensee pursuant to Sections 26, 26.2, and 26.3, the remainder of those monies retained pursuant to Sections 26 and 26.2, except as provided in subsection (g) of Section 27 of this Act, shall be allocated evenly to the organization licensee and as purses.
    (b) (Blank).
    (c) (Blank).
    (d) Each organization licensee and inter-track wagering licensee from the money retained for purses as set forth in subsection (a) of this Section, shall pay to an organization representing the largest number of horse owners and trainers which has negotiated a contract with the organization licensee for such purpose an amount equal to at least 1% of the organization licensee's and inter-track wagering licensee's retention of the pari-mutuel handle for the racing season. Each inter-track wagering location licensee, from the 4% of its handle required to be paid as purses under paragraph (11) of subsection (h) of Section 26 of this Act, shall pay to the contractually established representative organization 2% of that 4%, provided that the payments so made to the organization shall not exceed a total of $125,000 in any calendar year. Such contract shall be negotiated and signed prior to the beginning of the racing season.
(Source: P.A. 91-40, eff. 6-25-99.)