(225 ILCS 732/1-96)
    Sec. 1-96. Seismicity.
    (a) For purposes of this Section, "induced seismicity" means an earthquake event that is felt, recorded by the national seismic network, and attributable to a Class II injection well used for disposal of flowback and produced fluid from hydraulic fracturing operations.
    (b) The Department shall adopt rules, in consultation with the Illinois State Geological Survey, establishing a protocol for controlling operational activity of Class II injection wells in an instance of induced seismicity.
    (c) The rules adopted by the Department under this Section shall employ a "traffic light" control system allowing for low levels of seismicity while including additional monitoring and mitigation requirements when seismic events are of sufficient intensity to result in a concern for public health and safety.
    (d) The additional mitigation requirements referenced in subsection (c) of this Section shall provide for either the scaling back of injection operations with monitoring for establishment of a potentially safe operation level or the immediate cessation of injection operations.
(Source: P.A. 98-22, eff. 6-17-13; 99-78, eff. 7-20-15.)